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A Blue Print for National Prosperity

Every American needs to read “A Blue Print for National Prosperity.”

No other book will give you the insight to what has to be done to stop the interventionist and globalist and keep them in check mate. As you read this book you will discover why.

It will soon become clear to you when everyone reads this book the American people will all be in one mindset and be able to unify the “America First” movement and bring prosperity to our country.

A Blue Print for National Prosperity gives you the knowledge to know who the globalist interventionist are and who supports them. You will know who has infiltrated your group or political party. Within minutes you will be able to see right through their shifty ideas of globalist interventionism by their denouncing a non-interventionist foreign policy.You will also discover that a non-interventionist foreign policy is not being an isolationist.

Much is to be said for this book on how it will change our foreign policy to a sensible non-interventionist foreign policy. We would like your opinion.

Together we can change our foreign policy by bringing this book to the attention of the people at our county level. This book together with our email list and the educational information we will build a base of educated hard nose “America First” stalwarts that can take control from the globalist interventionist that are pushing their Satanic Communist One World agenda.

Understanding National Interests:

To effectively balance national interests, it is essential to comprehend what they entail. The America First Committee recognizes that national interests encompass not only economic growth and security, but also the preservation of our cultural heritage, sovereignty, and the well-being of our citizens. By prioritizing these core principles, we have re-constructed a blueprint for national prosperity that truly represents the concerns and aspirations of the American people.

From “A Blue Print for National Prosperity”.

Goals and Objectives

In this sub-chapter, we delve into the core goals and objectives of the America First Committee (AFC) - a movement that has resonated with the America First audience and has attracted those interested in anti-globalization and trade policy.

The America First Committee, as outlined in our book "The America First Committee: A Blueprint for National Prosperity," seeks to advocate for policies that prioritize the prosperity and well-being of the American people above all else.

Another key objective of the America First Committee is to safeguard American sovereignty and independence. The committee believes that the United States should maintain a strong and self-defensive military, while being cautious of foreign entanglements that may jeopardize its national interests.

By advocating for a policy of non-interventionism, the America First Committee seeks to protect American lives and resources from unnecessary foreign conflicts. This objective resonates with those who prioritize a strong and secure America, and who support the America First movement emphasis on national security.

From “A Blue Print for National Prosperity” .

In conclusion, the goals and objectives of the America First Committee revolve around promoting a self-reliant and economically prosperous America, safeguarding national sovereignty, and prioritizing the well-being of American citizens.

Benefits of this book will put everyone in the same mindset and bring unity to America by:

Helping people discover how to prioritize American prosperity,

Advocating for policies that prioritize the well-being and prosperity of the American people,

Preserving Americans Sovereignty,

Standing up for our nations independence and protecting our sovereignty in all aspects,

Shaping a non-interventionist foreign policy campaign with a strong foreign policy that safeguards our national interests on the global stage,

Promoting fair trade practices while ensuring immigration policies are benefiting Americans,

Discovering that Fair trade is not free trade,

Standing with and supporting the America First Committee for a Stronger America,

Joining with the America First Committee in advocating for policies that prioritize American Christian values and interests.

By purchasing this book today you will be helping the America First Movement.

When you purchase the paperback book, The America First Committee: A Blueprint for National Prosperity, you also are entitled to a copy in both a PDF and a flip book, Free, available in our freedom information package in Phase II. You will also receive Free:

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Don't hesitate to get your copy today with all the extra's.

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National Speaker and Radio Show Guest.  

I have spent a great deal of my life in and out of political groups looking for quality leadership and a solid organization that would be for the people only finding controlled opposition. Finding no leadership or an organization that was pro American I continued my search until I met the right people at the right time and place. 

Therefore with much struggle and commitment I have rebuilt the original America First Committee of 1940 keeping their Goals and Objectives with the desire to re-establish our de-jure Republic with emphasis on educating and organizing the American people at the county level.

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“America First”

James Jones


Bill in Arizona

This book has the blue print to bring unity to America. I highly recommend this book for everyone.

Jim in Arizona

This book brings the history of the AFC and the blue print that brings National Prosperity right to you in simple to understand language.

Robert in Michigan

This is a must read for everyone. I am so glad I read this book. Now I have an understanding of the AFC policies.

Linda in Kentucky .

This book gave me the goals and objectives of the America First Committee. I highly recommend you read it.

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